Our Commitment

We are committed to giving and providing the best customer experience at all times, ensuring high customer satisfaction through our active and engaged approach. Through the use of our team of experts including our network partners, you are guaranteed outstanding results. Our services include the planning of your lighting project from inception right through to the implementation and delivery, we pride ourselves in our collaborative methods to ensure we work simultaneously with your project engineers to ensure the solution is delivered in accordance to industry standards and your specifications.

Our services to you

  • We supply and install Horticulture LED grow light.
  • Cannabis LED growing Tent (All Measurements and sizes).
  • Installations of indoor cannabis LED grow light.
  • Supply and installation of flood lights.
  • Stadium LED Flood lights.
  • Supply and Installation of LED solar street light.
  • Supply and installation of Solar panels.
  • Supply and installation of Inverter and hybrid syncronizer (Wind and Solar).
  • Supply and installation of Solar Industrial lights.
  • Supply and installation of LED industrial, commercial and residential lights.
  • We also design and install club lighting and HD lighting effects.
  • Designing of Restaurant and Lounge light effects.
  • Supply and installation of Fibre optics, colour mix Lighting, Striplighting and Neon.
  • Industrial and commercial light engineering design and Architecture.
  • Mine lighting designing and instalations.
  • Airport runway LED lighting engineering design and installation.
  • Design and installation of Mall lighting and parking area lights.

And many more..